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                                                                      GPS TRACKING

Investigative Solutions offers real time GPS tracking for our clients.  This technology can provide  peace of mind for child visitation concerns, an inexpensive and discreet method of monitoring fleet management issues for employers, and provide answers as to spousal  movements in infidelity investigations.  Recently this technology was used to document the time a foreman of a construction crew was absence from the work site.                                                                       

                                                WITNESS INTERVIEW

Investigators with Investigative Solutions have interviewed hundreds of persons ranging from murderers, rapists, thieves and child sexual offenders.  Let our investigators use their interviewing skills honed during these investigations to interview persons your firm or company needs to obtain statements from. These interviews can be recorded using digital audio recording or digital video recording methods.  The interviews can then be presented to our clients in VHS or DVD formats.



Our investigators have spent hundreds of  hours conducting surveillance in all conditions. From observing anhydrous ammonia tanks in 4 degrees to catch meth users, to laying in wooded areas observing marijuana cultivation activities when the temperature was near 100 degrees, tailing loads of marijuana from dealer to customer during controlled purchases, and observing kidnapper/murder suspect making his ransom call from a pay phone.  Mobile or fixed surveillance operations can be established to provide documentation of a persons activity or movements to assist in determining physical limitations, associations or movements.   Let the experts at Investigative Solutions Group use their expertise gained during these  surveillances assist you or your firm in obtaining the information you need.                           

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