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Recent Investigations
Recently we have been requested to conduct several investigations to document the lifestyle of custodial parent in child custody proceedings.  More and more of these are at the request of the Grandparents who are concerned over the well being of their grandchildren.

Video surveillance has been requested to document the movements and physical limitations of claimants in insurance fraud investigations. One client estimated that we saved the company $750,000.

We conducted an undercover operation posing as an end user of specialized mechanical components resulting in  documentation of high level employee misconduct whereas the employee was attempting to form a startup venture in direct competition to his previous employment. The client was able to obtain a federal injunction against their now former employee.
 We were requested to document a workers absences from a construction site. Using GPS tracking and video surveillance, we were able to provide the client with undisputed evidence of the workers absences during the time he was supposed to be "on site".

A client requested a background check on a person "met" on an on line dating service prior to their face to face meeting.

We were able to provide video documentation of co-habitation impacting court ordered spousal maintance.

We were able to provide definitive "proof" of an extramatrial affair by a spouse by combining the use of GPS and video surveillance for our client.

Video surveillance on custodial spouse to document their associations with known drug users and dealers for future child custody hearings.

Undercover operation conducted to make controlled purchase of items of evidence in suspected technology patent/ infringement violations in Western Kentucky.
Another undercover operation to monitor possible election law violations in recent general election using covert video equipment .

We have been requested to re-verify information listed on loan applications used to obtain home loans as part of a nationwide effort to identify fraud in mortgage loans. 
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